Brands aren’t static. In almost every industry, changes are constant, from consumer preferences to performance demands and all the while, the competition is crowding the marketplace. It takes the experience to identify if a rising trend is a fad or a solid pocket of opportunity.

Bruce Turkel has the experience to identify truly great opportunities for your brand to evolve into something better and still stay true to its core values and promises.

If you’re still unsure where your brand’s focus should be, here are 7 Steps to Building Brand Value from Bruce Turkel that will highlight where you focus should be.

1 – All About Them

People care most about things that affect them. In order to reach them, you need to
communicate in a way that informs them “what’s in it for me?”

2 – Hearts Then Minds

People make decisions based on emotions and justify their decisions with facts.
To get someone to pay attention, you must get them emotionally involved.

3 – Make It Simple

Today’s world is a busy, confusing place. To make an impression and an impact, your message must be concise and digestible.

4 – Make It Quick

Things happen so fast these days that if you take your time, no one will wait around for you to explain your entire message.

5 – Make It Yours

A message is truly powerful only if it is associated with you or your product. Make sure that the message you’re presenting belongs only to you.

6 – All Five Senses

Conversations involve all the human senses. To communicate effectively, be sure that you’re engaging as many of your audience’s senses as possible.

7 – Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Say it again. Messages are more effective and believable when they’re repeated.


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“The annual convention for DMAI has been over for three weeks and our members are still talking about Bruce Turkel’s presentation. Here are a few select quotes: ‘Entertaining – loved him and the harmonica!’ ‘Fabulous presentation,’ ‘Fascinating and very informative.” All this is to say job well done and thank you very much.”

Doug Price, Senior VP of Professional Development, DMAI

“Bruce is killing it! So funny and charming and super engaging. The group is tired from the game last night but he is keeping them engaged and laughing. We all really really like him, great content, great stage presence, very very happy to have him close the event!”

Stephanie Glassford, Event Manager, RE/MAX INTEGRA

“Your talk was a great complement to our theme and gave the team valuable insight on the importance of being customer-centric with our messaging. And your energy and stories helped bring the points to life and kept the team engaged…”

Jennifer M. Whitlow, Senior VP, Communications, Lockheed Martin Corp.